Dale Vecchio, Chief Evangelist

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8 October 2019

Reduce the Risk of Re-writing Legacy Applications

In all the years I have been involved in the mainframe market, as a developer, systems programmer and Gartner analyst, it’s been quite surprising in the last decade to see organizations believe that..

23 September 2019

Legacy Modernization - Change is Hard! What to Do About It

In a recent Avanade blog post entitled "The 'C' in CX really stands for change", Ken Ramoutar discussed how the greatest challenges in enhancing the customer experience is the change it brings to a..

6 August 2019

Mitigating the Risk of Mainframe Migrations

What characteristics or steps determine the difference between a successful or failed mainframe migration? Having followed mainframe migration projects for 18 years (and over 10,000 inquiries) at..

30 July 2019

Infrastructure Modernization – The Horizontal Scaling of Batch Workload

A common question when rehosting mainframe batch workload to a Linux O/S, whether in the cloud or on-premise, is "how do I achieve scalability to respond to business needs?" This blog is designed to..