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6 September 2019

Four Reasons Why Your Mainframe Applications are Considered Legacy

According to a Google search, one of the definitions of "legacy" is "denoting or relating to software or hardware that has been superseded but is difficult to replace because of its wide use."


17 July 2019

Using Containers to Deliver Microservices from Legacy Systems – Bringing The Power of Modern to Mainframe Application Workload!

Google has been one of the leading pioneers of software containers. In 2006, two of its engineers, Paul Manage and Rohit Seith, defined and implemented an essential component of this new container..

15 October 2018

Why is the mainframe holding organizations back from modernization? The results of the LzLabs and Microsoft Mainframe Modernization Survey are in…

In conjunction with Microsoft we recently commissioned Vanson Bourne, a well-respected survey organization, to talk to 500 senior IT executives across almost that many companies using mainframe..

26 February 2018

Unlock legacy systems to a world of innovation: the Power of Open

In February 2018 the computing world celebrated the 20th anniversary of “open-source”. Or rather, it celebrated the 20th anniversary of the definition of open-source being formally set down by the..

24 November 2016

A Perfect Storm

Legacy Languages, Fewer Skilled Team Members, and Moore's Law

There are points in time when all things combine to ensure only one likely outcome. Those who can see it coming can prepare, and those..