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26 March 2020

What Does an English Cardinal Have to do with IT Modernization?

John Henry Newman was an English theologian in the 1800’s – first an Anglican priest and eventually a Catholic Cardinal. As an educator and an author, Cardinal Newman has said and done some quite..

11 March 2020

Enabling Innovation: From Discovery to Software Defined Mainframe

In a previous blog, I talked about the initial steps necessary for any successful modernization project. The process of discovering, or perhaps re-discovering all the technological component and..

27 February 2020

Discovering Innovation: The Value of a Thorough Discovery Process for Mainframe Migration

Much of the focus of IT modernization presumes an organization has an existing install base of computing infrastructure and applications and wants to move them forward in some meaningful way...

18 February 2020

Mainframe Innovation: Modernizing & Testing for Success

Much of the discussion I’ve seen about the mainframe is a debate about whether it’s a great platform and people should stay, or they are about all the challenges organizations face with this..

21 January 2020

Containerized Testing: Mainframe Modernization Survey 2019

As we discussed in our previous blog about application development challenges on the mainframe, our survey shows that testing mainframe applications is also an issue. The processes involved in..

8 January 2020

Application Development Challenges: Mainframe Modernization Survey 2019

In our last blog about our 2019 Mainframe Modernization Survey, we talked about the advantages respondents report when migrating applications off the mainframe. Over half (52%) report increased..

19 December 2019

Mainframe Modernization Survey – 2019: Cloud and Development Agility

The lack of agility and innovation in their mainframe environment is driving many to consider alternatives, including cloud deployment models. It is believed that there are advantages to moving off..

3 December 2019

Mainframe Modernization Survey – 2019: liberate applications and enable innovation

If an organization can’t innovate how can it expect to compete?

Our belief is that organizations should modernize their application portfolios to enable innovation. And what exactly do we mean by..

13 November 2019

Mainframe Modernization Survey – 2019: The Skills Gap

How long will it take for organizations to act on a problem they KNOW they have

The mainframe skills challenge is looming. Everyone knows it! Survey after survey shows a recognition that this is a..

29 October 2019

The Future of Mainframe Applications Remains a Concern for IT Leaders

The challenge of managing mainframe applications continues, unabated by the passage of time. While organizations see the merits of bringing core applications into the modern era, few of them have..

8 October 2019

Reduce the Risk of Re-writing Legacy Applications

In all the years I have been involved in the mainframe market, as a developer, systems programmer and Gartner analyst, it’s been quite surprising in the last decade to see organizations believe that..

23 September 2019

Legacy Modernization - Change is Hard! What to Do About It

In a recent Avanade blog post entitled "The 'C' in CX really stands for change", Ken Ramoutar discussed how the greatest challenges in enhancing the customer experience is the change it brings to a..

6 August 2019

Mitigating the Risk of Mainframe Migrations

What characteristics or steps determine the difference between a successful or failed mainframe migration? Having followed mainframe migration projects for 18 years (and over 10,000 inquiries) at..

30 July 2019

Infrastructure Modernization – The Horizontal Scaling of Batch Workload

A common question when rehosting mainframe batch workload to a Linux O/S, whether in the cloud or on-premise, is "how do I achieve scalability to respond to business needs?" This blog is designed to..