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6 March 2019

There is a story in Greek mythology about creatures, called Sirens, whose song caused sailors to crash their ships on the rocky shores. Like the Greek sailors of old, business leaders have been enchanted by the song of modernization vendors for decades, often with the same result – a crash on the rocks of the computing shoreline.

These disasters are a result of changing a complex application structure made up of mainframe technologies that have been used and, frankly, abused over the decades. Radical change is great to talk about, but if it was so easy you wouldn’t be running 30-year-old legacy applications!

These disasters have led our customers to ask many questions when it comes to modernizing their legacy environments:

How do I disentangle myself from the restraints of legacy systems?

…In a way that minimizes migration risk…

… modernizes business processes…

…and creates an architecture that is manageable by the next generation of IT worker?

We suggest any business facing these challenges should create steps to move mainframe applications to x86 or cloud environments, without risking disruption to the business functions that these applications represent.

A rehosting approach should reduce the changes that are necessary for application migration. In other words, as a first step, the underlying artefacts that support your business should be moved without change to a modern infrastructure.

Ah, but I hear you saying “We WANT to change the business functions”. We would suggest to you that ANY successful business transformation vision should start by ensuring existing assets continue to run BUT within an infrastructure more conducive to the innovation you want. 

As a starting point, once on a modern infrastructure, these assets can leverage the innovative power of the global open-source community. You can then start to determine what your business COULD look like if it were able to integrate legacy applications and data with technologies like data analytics or artificial intelligence (AI).

In our view, successful digital modernization should begin by transforming the existing business functions that have the most limitations, step-by-step, piece-by-piece.

In this way, you can gain a better understanding of what a digital business means to you in your industry and begin a gradual transition to the desired end state, while maintaining seamless interoperability with the existing systems. This approach provides immediate value, while dramatically reducing the risk of such changes.

Don’t be afraid to break the operating models of the past and construct new ones. This approach allows you to break…and remake…value in your business models. You can invent new value streams and then implement breakthrough new methods of productivity without crashing on the rocks.

Tilt the fundamental scales of competition in your organization’s favor, without committing yourself to a vast re-construction project. Don’t fall prey to the Sirens of IT Modernization. Let LzLabs help you begin your successful modernization journey today.

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